What People are Saying about Us

"…the difference with the new ignition is really amazing! Just wanted to let you know the bike is running fantastically!"
Jason F. / Oakland, CA
"You all at CP have exceptional customer service. The care and support you all provide makes working on vintage bikes that much more enjoyable…a real sense of community."
Steve S. / Fountain Valley, CA
"Thank you so much for your help upgrading my CB350K. Whatever magic you’ve got in that rectifier regulator appears to be working great! Voltage at the battery never drops below 12.4 at idle with the high beams on, turn signals going and the brake light on and after a ride the battery is at 13.4. Thats amazing! Thank you, Thank You!"
Norm W. / Carrboro, NC
OMG .... ?????????? I love what your stuff has done for my dream ... Thanks for all the help . Have a great wknd .!!! CHARLIE AND STAFF ARE DA BEST !!!
Eric R. / Nashville, TN
I have also spent a large amout of time trying to find an electronic ignition system. Finally i heard about Charlie's place. Charlie and his crew of amazing people took their time and helped me find the right setup for me and my bike. I was super happy that i was getting fast responses to my emails and that Charlie him self took time to talk to me over the phone. Thank you to everyone who took the time in helping me with my project. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I am so pleased with Charlie's Place, I have told everyone that I know that has a Honda. I hope to get an other Honda in the near future and believe me i will be calling back. Again many many thank yous.
Josh R. / Rock Island, IL
Hey Charlie-The bike's running great! You've really saved the day with that ignition and coil. My bike is running amazingly! It felt really good to open that bike up and not stress! And folks are stunned at how well maintained she is too! This the best it's ever run with this new ignition & coil combo. If you need any customer testimonials or whatever, you have one super satisfied customer right here!
Marin O. / San Francisco, CA

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